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What's Underland?

364 days you are living on the surface of the Earth, you live by the rules and regulations of this World and you create illusion for yourself that this is real. However there is ONE day in a year which you spend in the underground world. UNDERLAND is THAT day which your secret inner animal has been waiting. He's fed with low freaquancy sound, good beat and he opposes the system.

What's waiting for you?

UNDERLAND is a legal liberation that will keep you passionate inner predator roaring inside you for the rest of the year. Let yourself to an adventure!

Event price includesRenginio kainą sudaro

  • Catering during the event
  • Theatrical show performance
  • Technical equipment
  • Event location rental
  • Service staff
  • Surprises during the event
  • Casino
  • Hookah space
  • Web game / registration for the event
  • Aftermovie next day


160 Eur / person number of participants from 200 persons. Event location "underground"