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2018 LNK TV hosted the largest free festival in Vilnius, FREE FEST was to present the new TV season. All the event was broadcasted live on LNK TV. For the festival, Wonderland Entertainment produced a theatrical, musical performance by ZERO LIVE SHOW. During the performance, Egidijus Dragūnas (leader of the SEL group) and director Emilis Velyvis were brought to the Town Hall Square with a tank, while Radists, Monique, Inga Jankauskaitė and Mindaugas Papinigis performed in the windows of Vilnius Town Hall.

Special effects and stage design were created using the latest technology to create a exclusivity. ZERO LIVE SHOW was voted as the Best Festival Performance.

Producer and author of the show concept SAUNORIUS_COM Organizer of the event: ELITAZ and LNK